This contains artistic impressions and no warranty is expressly or impliedly given that the completed development will comply in any degree with such artist’s impression as depicted. The furniture, accessories, paintings, items, electronic goods, fittings/fixtures, decorative, false ceiling including finishing materials, specifications, shades, sizes etc shown in the pictures are only indicative in nature & for illustrative purpose only & does not form a part of the standard specification. All specifications, designs, layout images, conditions are only indicative and some of these can be changed at the discretion of the builder/architect/authority. These are purely conceptual and constitute no legal offerings. All project-related sanctions and other statutory compliance can be seen in person at our site office. Map sanctioned vide letter no PLG (BP) 3092/44PG54300 dated 21-05-2014. Lease deed for project land executed with GNIDA dated 27th September 2012 registered in the office of sub-registrar Greater Noida Authority, in book no. 4, volume no. 305 as document no 1271, at pages no 147 to 166. |1 sq. mtr. = 10.764 sq. ft. and 1 acre = 4047 sq. mtr. (approx.) |#Aquacasa is a marketing campaign that refers to Tower 2 to Tower 11 at Rudra Aquacasa. Project Name- “RUDRA AQUACASA” (Project by Rudra Buildwell Homes Pvt Ltd). Terms & Conditions apply. The official website of Ace Group is www.acegroupindia.com. Please do not rely on the information provided on any other website.